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We've been transforming SME's, Start-ups and Corporates over the last 10 years.
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Our Heritage

We are new in name but steeped in heritage having been at the forefront of the revolutionary digital era.

We’ve been at the forefront of marketing since 2003 and were the front runners of price comparison, aggregation, social, eCommerce (mCommerce) and digital.

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest (and smallest) brands helping them transition from offline to online then to multi-device, multi-channel and continue to kept pace with the latest Google algorithmic updates.

We’ve spent over £100m with Google (of our clients money) and were among the first to advertise on Facebook

We continue to operate at the forefront of marketing and continue to transform our clients businesses. Unlike other agencies we don’t charge based on the size of your business – we charge based on the task in hand. It’s a simple mantra but still remains unique to David & Goliath.

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Our Expertise

As you would expect from a full service marketing agency, we offer a diverse range of services designed to have a positive impact on your business. This might include website design or implementing a CRM. Find out more about our services below.

#Commercial Expertise


We’re experts at amplifying your business through a range of Above (ATL) and Below (BTL) the line channels including; Crowdsourcing, Endorsement, Growth Hacking, New Media, Online, Press, Radio


Our Analytics capability is very diverse. We can implement website analytics to help inform around your sales channel through to heavyweight SAS based customer management analytics.


We have in-depth experience with a wide variety of ways to help get your business noticed by your potential customers, including: brand creation, positioning and strategy as well as helping you come up with your business name to go along with your new logo and proposition.


We simply love business and you will find our agency can help your business beyond marketing. We are experts in; Business Development, Cost Reduction, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Increase market share, Increase profitability, Increase sales, New Market Entry, Product Development, Product Launch, Product Lifecycle Management


If you are still asking what Content Marketing is then you need our help. We provide business with a range of content marketing services that will ultimately contribute to an enhanced user experienced and deliver new and returning customers to your door.


In a crowded market it’s essential your business stands out from the crowd. Our range of creative solutions will certainly help you achieve that. We offer creative solutions and also take a creative approach to everything we do.


As you know, building relationships with your customers is key. Let us work with you to implement highly effective CRM’s systems and arriving at that all important Single Customer View that enable one-to-one relationships.


We understand digital inside out and can help your business with a range of digital marketing services including; Affiliate Marketing, App Design & Build, CMS, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Strategic Consultation, User Experience, Web Analytics, Web Design, WordPress


As rational pragmatists we encourage our clients to test and experiment. This might be a new pricing strategy, a new campaign or even a new product. We will work closely with you to help design and implement the test and our team of analysts are on hand to review the outcomes and make recommendations.


We work with hundreds of start-ups and love the excitement and challenge. Having launched our own businesses we know exactly where to invest and where to trim so if you are looking for a successful launch or growth then we can almost certainly help.


We have a handful of industry experts on the team who can objectively assess your business informing you where your business is and plot a range of routes forward. You simply set the objective and we deliver the results.


User Experience that earns you a big thumbs up from new and returning customers. Get it wrong and your missing out. We have a range of tried and tested tools that will enable you to get your users experience right first time. In fact, it will be so good your users will love you for it.


Our Pitch

Unlike other agencies, we work with local business and global business, small and large and there's a very good reason why we are so diverse. We call it London-to-Local and here's why...

Why David & Goliath

As our name suggests, there’s a story behind our business. Since 2003 we’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the UK and some of the smallest. We’ve learnt that the larger companies sometimes struggle to execute in a nimble and effective way and creativity can often be stifled or outsourced at a premium.

Equally we observe our smaller clients paying a premium for buying media in small quantities and scale and growth is often overshadowed by the day-to-day running of the business.

Our unique positioning between large and small businesses enables us to shares to benefits across groups.

  • We provide large businesses with alternative solutions that are often quicker, cheaper and more effective
  • We introduce smaller businesses to key partners that facilitate growth and scale
  • We introduce large businesses to growth hacking…
  • … and smaller businesses to media planning


There’s a perception that London based marketing agencies are significantly better than the alternatives. Sure, there are a lot of award winning agencies based in the capital but good service isn’t exclusive to a specific geography – the Internet taught us that!

Our London-to-Local proposition enables us to take the best of both worlds and offer our clients a superior offering.

What does this mean in real terms?

  • We don’t pay a premium on rent but we have great proximity to major media owners and buyers.
  • We have some of the best people but they aren’t fatigued or out of pocket with large commutes.
  • We have our finger on the pulse but we have space around us to think and optimise our creativity.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our London-to-Local proposition is also at the heart of what we do at David & Goliath.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Colin Powell, Diplomat & Military Leader

Or you could work with David & Goliath

A wise man

Our Approach

They said it couldn’t be done and we’ve proved them wrong…
We’re truly unique in combining a diverse range of disciplines which create remarkable results.
Find out how your business can benefit.


We love data.
Everything we do is measurable.
Every decision we make is informed.


We are driven by your business success.
Everything we do is focused on your business objectives.
Every task we undertake benefits your business.


We think big.
Everything we do is conceived.
Every thought we have is creative and applicable.


We love to pioneer.
Everything we do is tested.
Every project is highly effective.


We are David & Goliath.
Everything we do, we do for you!
Every client we work with wins.


Our Work

We could show you a great looking long list of all the work we’ve undertaken but our focus isn’t on the quantity of work we complete.
We’re commercially driven and would much rather share some of the game-changing results we have delivered for our clients.


  • David & Goliath were a joy to work with and offered a real breath of fresh air to the company. They have a truly entrepreneurial talent coupled with a real understanding of strategic thinking. There digital expertise are obvious and they work hard to keep a strong handle on what’s going on in his direct industry and those around him.

    Charlie Calton-Watson, Digital Director at Bauer Specialist
  • In my time working with David & Goliath they always displayed a well grounded business acumen that allowed them to get to the crux of any issue and suggest robust solutions. They has a nimble attitude to execution that does them credit.

    Charlie Brookes, Group Commercial Director at Bauer Media
  • David & Golaith are talented online specialists who invest a lot of time in both understanding and defining customer requirements and then delivering web based solutions combining technology, marketing and commercial aspects. They have a great ability to tackle business issues intellectually and with a degree of business pragmatism. They are thoroughly dependable and will always deliver to deadlines and business briefs with professionalism and dedication.

    Ralph Percival, Interim Director of Direct at Joules
  • David & Goliaht know ecommerce inside out, are highly intelligent, energetic, driven, full of ideas and have first-class people skills. I’d recommend them 100%.

    Sean Warwick, Digital Development Manager at Bauer Consumer Media
  • David & Goliath combine commercial capabilities with a creative flair for developing new media / online opportunities. They are adept at engaging staff from diverse functions within an organisation and outside parties into a team for the development of new projects.

    Paul Vines, SME Business Growth Advisor and Investment / Exit Strategist
  • I worked with David & Goliath during my time at BGL. I found them to be very solution driven and able to put their hand to anything web related. They launched a new look and feel for the web site which was excellent and gave great results. They are intelligent and innovative as well as being very talented. In addition they has an entrepreneurial flair, which is always an asset when running your own company or even finding new solutions in a company. I have no hesitation in recommending David & Goliath!

    Caroline Robertson, Marketing Consultant & Property investor
  • David & Goliath has a great ability to stay in touch with and understand the relevance of the latest developments in new media and technology. They combine an ability to translate those new developments to immediate benefit, with deep and original thinking about the longer term. They shows real empathy with internal teams

    Mark Fells, Director of Digital, Premier Inn at Whitbread
  • I’ve worked with David & Goliath both Thomas Cook and the BGL Insurance Group. I have worked within an online environment for a few years and have never met an agency who are so innovative and aware of what is happening with the social/viral spaces.  

    Amanda Darrington, Head of Trade Sales at Kuoni Travel
  • One of the best I have worked with.

    Mark Attwell, Managing Director at
  • David & Goliath were our experts on user experience and search engine optimization. They are highly regarded for their professional approach to work in a dynamic and often chaotic environment. The willingness and ability to drive business impact are quite unusual especially in an agency with considerable technical skills. Highly recommended.

    Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, India at Flight Centre Travel Group
  • David & Goliath’s dedication and creative flare is second to none. During the project at Thomas Cook, they proved themselves to be an essential part of the development of and Thomas Cook’s SEO strategy.

    Richard Marseglia, Certified ScrumMaster, at Thomas Cook Group


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